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Mens Diamond Prince Cut Ring in 14kt Rose Gold by San Lazaro Jewelry

Avi Paz Group Brings PrinceCut® to New Markets

“Most diamantaires sell in specific countries, even a very few countries,” Avi Paz Group founder Avi Paz explained, stressing the necessity to widen the market for diamonds and diamond products.

In line with Avi Paz’s belief that the most important thing for today’s diamantaires to do is sell in as many nations as possible, Avi Paz Group is pleased to announce that the company is bringing its patented PrinceCut® diamond design to new international markets.

Following the successful Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair 2010 in September, Avi Paz Group has expanded its marketing of the unique diamond cut in the Far East. The Group has also recently begun working with exclusive sellers in Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, and Cyprus to widen the consumer base for its PrinceCut® diamonds.

Avi Paz Group launched its PrinceCut® in 2003. The PrinceCut® features 76 facets more than the traditional emerald diamond cut – optimizing the diamond’s brilliance. The PrinceCut®’s stepped sides and cropped corners also hide more inclusions, making it a workable cut even for stones of lesser clarity.

PrinceCut® diamonds are manufactured in all colors and in sizes up to 10 carats. The unique aspects of the PrinceCut® – cropped corners, stepped sides, and many facets – can also be applied to the elongated straight-edged baguette diamond shape.

In 2009, Avi Paz Group began working with the prominent US jewelry designer Sasha Primak, who in addition to designing jewelry that features the PrinceCut® also markets the design in the United States. Primak’s diamond jewelry is noted for its high-quality design and absolute finish.

With straight-edged diamonds enjoying ever-growing popularity among jewelry designers, the versatility and scintillation of the Avi Paz PrinceCut® make this diamond design an excellent alternative to the standard emerald cut.

In fact, Avi Paz Group brands the PrinceCut® as the Ideal Emerald Cut Diamond™. The Group operates a special marketing program for the PrinceCut® that provides authorized dealers with complete promotional materials and special displays, as well as making sure the PrinceCut® has a prominent place at the Group’s booths at leading jewelry and diamond industry expositions worldwide.

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