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“Real is Rare” Diamond Campaign Launched in the US
Real is Rare Campaign (Photo: Youtube)

“Real is Rare” Diamond Campaign Launched in the US

The Diamond Producers Association, a body comprising of the biggest diamond miners in the world, has launched a new ad campaign this week throughout the US. According to Adweek, the “Real Is Rare” campaign is the result of more than six months of field research and development by Mother New York ad agency and The Sound Market Research. During the research, young people were interviewed across the US.

The resulting campaign presents two relationships at pivotal moments – and they both follow non-traditional trajectories. For example, the couple in “Wild & Kind” isn’t even sure whether they will ever get married, but they’re still committed to one another.

“The data shows that millennials buy the most diamonds in the U.S., so this is a proactive measure to make sure that this isn’t simply tied to rituals like marriage,” Mother New York senior strategist Thomas Henry told Adweek. So, ads the piece, just as “real” relationships are more authentic and desirable, the DPA wants to position true gemstones—instead of low-priced imitations like sapphires or cubic zirconia—as the same and have them represent the “real” relationship.

The ads will air on broadcast television and various digital platforms such as Hulu alongside a social media push.


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