Our Jewelry

The Avi Paz Group is more than a diamond manufacturer. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of straight-edge and large round diamonds, the Group’s wide range of high-quality services includes jewelry design and manufacturing services.

Our clients enjoy the Group’s custom-design jewelry service, featuring its own fine diamonds and original designs, for sale under clients’ private labels. The Group’s design team is constantly developing new, sophisticated pieces, as well as original designs-to-specs, translating our clients’ visions into dazzling reality.

Is addition to the company’s expertise in creating exquisite designs using straight-edge fancies and large round diamonds, Avi Paz Group clients also enjoy exclusive designs featuring the innovative PrinceCut® – a unique diamond cut developed and patented by the Avi Paz Group, which is available exclusively through us.

The Avi Paz Group uses innovative production techniques and equipment to ensure meticulous results and the utmost in client satisfaction. As in all of the Group’s departments, our designers are dedicated to delivering the same superb results that have made the Avi Paz Group synonymous with quality production and stellar customer service.