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Woman finds lost engagement ring rooted in backyard carrot
Diamond Carot (Source: BBC News Youtube Channel)

Woman finds lost engagement ring rooted in backyard carrot

Canadian Mary Grams and her granddaughter were picking vegetables for dinner in Grams’ backyard, when the little harvest yielded a delicious surprise – the diamond engagement ring Grams had lost over a decade ago.

The 84-year-old from Alberta had lost her engagement ring while weeding the garden on the family farm 13 years ago. But the diamond ring resurfaced last week, wrapped tightly around a misshapen carrot.

“I recognized it right away,” she told local media. “We looked high and low on our hands and knees for it, but we couldn’t find it. I cried so many times.”

When the ring was lost in 2004, Grams had been wearing it for over 50 years, ever since her fiancé Norman had given it to her when he proposed, in 1951.

Grams confessed that she decided not to tell her husband she lost the ring, saying she eventually had a local jeweler make her a cheap copy of it. Her husband, who died five years ago, never noticed the swap, she said.

Gram’s granddaughter, Colleen Daley, who happened to dig up the embellished root vegetable, said she did not notice the ring around it. As the carrot was malformed, she thought about feeding it to her dog, but decided against it, only noticing the ring later, when she was washing the carrot.

The shocked-but-delighted Grams carefully cut the carrot to release the diamond ring and was happy to see it still easily fit her.

Canadian carrots are not the only ones to have turned up bedazzled: In 2012, a woman gathering carrots in her garden in Sweden plucked one bearing a white gold ring she had lost 17 years earlier. In 2016, a German man found his wedding ring embedded onto a carrot after losing it three years earlier.



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