New Century Creations is dedicated to a delicate, highly-specialized art:  high-end gold timepieces and jewelry which incorporate diamonds as an integral part of the design. This process starts with the selection of stones to be set. A design is decided upon with the customer, and a stone-setting plan is provided, along with a technical drawing. Then, the stones are selected by an expert gemologist according to the pre-designed plan. All diamonds selected for work are conflict-free, in accordance with the Kimberley process.

The number of polished stones, their size and shapes are determined upon, and purchased from polished diamond suppliers in Israel and abroad. The stones are then inspected for color grade and clarity grade, and according to specific requirements made by the customer. Only after our in-house gemologist collector is satisfied with their quality are the stones transferred for work, and put in the able hands of our master cutters, polishers, groove specialists and gemologists to supply our costumer with a fine timepiece or jewelry piece.