After the stones are cut, they are transferred into the expert hands of our polishers. Theirs is a delicate, intensely precise and exceptionally skilled task: to cut the facets of the stone and preform the final polishing so as to extract as much fire and brilliance from the stone, and turn it into a gem fit to grace the elegant and valuable jewelry piece for which it is destined.

Polishing is vital to ensure that the diamond’s surface is defect-free and smooth, so that it reflects incident light uniformly. As such, it is a process requiring infinite patience and skill. To assure that each and every stone receives the proper care, the master polishers at our factory specialize in unique stones. Polishers are assigned specifically according to shape and cut – some specialize in step cut baguette, while others are masters of the princess cut. Once a stone is assigned its own master polisher, it is then worked on until the magical fire hidden inside it is bought forth, and the stone becomes a work of art.

The polished stones are then transferred to one of two divisions: Stones that need grooving are passed on to our master groovers, while others are subjected to our rigorous three-phase quality control process before being transferred for setting.