Quality Control

After the stone is cut, polished, and has cleared the necessary grooving process, it is subjected to a rigorous, uncompromising three-phase quality control process. Each and every stone is carefully inspected to make sure it meets the highest industry standards. From the moment the stone is acquired to the moment it is shipped to our clients, it does not leave the specialist care. Every process is done in-house by an independent, separate department of gemologists, who share more than 30 years of experience in the diamonds industry. This department’s decision is final, and when a stone is disqualified, it is immediately re-ordered and replaced.


At every stage, the stone may be returned to the relevant division for further work, and is then subjected once again to all three quality control phases. Once the Quality Control Division is satisfied that the stone abides by the highest quality and standards, it is transferred to the Stone Setting division.

Our quality control process is three-fold, and contains the following stages:

  1. Quality assurance: Using Falcon’s superb comparators, each stone is measured to ensure that it adheres to the size and shape of the customer’s specifications (with a maximum 0.01 mm deviation in size or shape).
  2. Weight documentation: Once cut and polished to a specific shape and size, the stone naturally loses carat weight. Once a stone arrives, it is appraised and its carat weight registered. After it is cut and polished, the stone is appraised once again, and its carat-weight documented. This process assures the outmost transparency for both ourselves and our clients, and is an integral part of our service philosophy.
  3. Gemologist inspection: once the stone successfully clears the first and second phases, it is transferred to the expert hands of our in-house gemologists, who then inspect each stone under the finest sortscopes, made by Nossigem, to detect any damage that may have befallen the stone during the work process.