Setting and final QC

Stone setting is an art, requiring the outmost care and precision. The workmanship must be flawless, resulting in a stone that is not only secured to the timepiece it adorns, but also reflects the desired fire and light and is smooth to the touch.

Once the stones have cleared the careful inspection of our gemologists in the Quality Control Division, they are passed on to our diamond-setting team. Aided by powerful magnifying equipment, the stone setters’ task is done by hand to achieve a handcrafted look according to the original design. It is a take requiring patience, delicacy and perfect skill. High-level setting is then apparent in the lively look of the set stones – how much light enters them and is then reflected out.

Once the stones are set and the watch components completed, the component is then subjected to one more quality control stage. The watch component is transferred to inspection by a gemologist, who checks the setting work carefully for appropriate symmetry, fixing and cleanliness, and makes sure there are no damages or imprecisions. The gemologist then appraises and documents the product– gold weight, diamond weight and final product weight, as well as number of stones set.

After the product successfully clears this process, it is passed on to our office for packing and shipment.