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Princess Diana's dazzling diamonds jewelry style revisited
Diamond Tiara (Photo: Elina Leonova /

Princess Diana’s dazzling diamonds jewelry style revisited

The late Diana, Princess of Wales, had exquisite style and was a fashion icon in her day. She would also often dazzle the world in her choice of jewelry, which always complimented her impeccable style..

Diamond Tiara (Photo: Elina Leonova /

Diamond Tiara (Photo: Elina Leonova /

Here is a look at some of the princess’ brightest choices over the years:

The Spencer Tiara: One of the most recognizable pieces in Diana’s collection was actually a family heirloom and not part of the Crown Jewels. The tiara includes diamonds in silver settings mounted in gold in various floral shapes: stylized tulips, star-shaped flowers, and scrolling foliage.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara: This pearl and diamond tiara was something of a Diana signature. It was commissioned in 1914 by Queen Mary and composed of her majesty’s existing jewels. French in its neo-classical design, the tiara has 19 oriental pearls suspended from lover’s knot bows, each centered with a large brilliant diamond.

The Swan Lake set: This diamond and pearl necklace was worn by Princess Diana to a performance of Swan Lake in 1997, giving the jewelry its nickname. It comprises 178 diamonds and pearls and is currently up for auction for $12 million.

The Art Deco emerald choker: Created for Queen Mary in the 1920s, this spectacular choker showcases 14 cabochon emeralds surrounded by diamonds set in platinum.

The pearl and sapphire choker: One of Diana’s most stunning pieces was an iconic oval sapphire surrounded by two rows of diamonds, set in a seven-strand pearl choker. Originally a brooch, the sapphire was given to Diana by the Queen Mother as a wedding present.

The Aquamarine set: This set included an emerald cut Aquamarine ring with a twin aquamarine bracelet comprising the gem and five strands of pearls.

The pearl choker with diamond and ruby spacers: This stunner included 11 strands of pearls held together with diamond and ruby columns throughout.

The sapphire and diamond engagement ring: This ring became synonymous with the princess and comprises 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-carat white gold.



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