The PrinceCut® diamond is a unique design from the Avi Paz Group, diamond manufacturers with decades of experience in cutting and polishing straight-edged fancy diamonds.

Three years of exacting and dedicated work went into the development of the patented PrinceCut® design – a reinterpretation of the classic emerald cut for the 21st century that boasts unmatched fire and brilliance .

Not only does the Avi Paz PrinceCut® offer more brilliance and fire than the emerald cut, it also provides more and better light capture and play than other traditional straight-edged cuts. In addition, the PrinceCut® also helps hide inclusions, making the design an ideal solution for straight-edged stones of lower clarity .

In 2003, the Avi Paz Group began marketing its PrinceCut® diamond in the United States, where the Group has its own distribution network. The PrinceCut® is now being marketed internationally through a network of authorized dealers. Our marketing program guarantees regional exclusivity, and PrinceCut® dealers can choose to carry both loose diamonds and PrinceCut® jewelry, which includes bridal sets.

Besides its own retail marketing program, Avi Paz is proud to exhibit its patented PrinceCut® diamonds and diamond jewelry line at major jewelry exhibitions around the world.