Straight Edged Diamonds

The premier source for straight-edge fancies, the Avi Paz Group offers diamonds of the highest quality, consistency and classification – matters of crucial importance to our clients worldwide.

The Avi Paz Group strives to set exemplary, high-quality polishing standards for straight-edge diamonds; alongside added-value services meant to complement the sector’s stability and build momentum for its prosperity.

Straight-edge diamonds enjoy high demand, and the Avi Paz Group‘s large inventory enables us to meet demand and specifications for any straight-edge shape.

Types of Straight Edged Diamonds

Princess Cut

princess-cut-(2)The Avi Paz Group’s vast and dynamic inventory offers a wide range of princess cut diamonds. The princess cut was created in the 1960s and has since become the second most popular cut for diamonds, after the round brilliant cut.

Princess-cut diamonds feature a square or rectangular crown, with a profile shape resembling an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. The cut aims to maximize brilliance and sparkle, and usually has between 49 and 78 facets.

Baguette Diamonds

baguette-cutDating back to the 1930s, the hugely popular baguette cut got its name due to its long, rectangular shape. The cut’s name – “baguette” – means “long rod” in French, and its etymology can be traced back to the Latin “baculum” – stick.

The Art Deco and Art Nouveau-inspired baguette cut is a step diamond cut with unique luster. The cut’s straight, sleek lines, which lend elegance to any design, continue to inspire jewelers, especially those at the Avi Paz Group, to create dazzling, timeless pieces.

Emerald Cut

Emerald1The emerald cut is a hugely popular square or rectangular cut that gives diamonds step-cut facets, resulting in a mirrored-like effect. As suggested by the name, the emerald cut was originally developed for emeralds and requires diamonds of high quality, color and clarity, the likes of which can be found in the Avi Paz Group’s diverse inventory.

The emerald cut is considered one of the classic diamond cuts, lending stones an old-world charm and elegance. It tends to have 50-58 facets, and a length=to=width ratio of 1.5-1.7 to 1.

Carré Cut

The carré cut is a square step cut whose corners are not truncated. Some consider it an older version of the modern emerald cut.

Carré cut diamonds, characteristic of antique jewelry, have a simple, timeless elegance to them and are known in the antique trade as “portrait stones.”

Tapered Cut

A tapered cut diamond is a straight-edged, elongated diamond resembling a trapezoid. Tapered cut diamonds are also referred to as “tapered baguettes.”

Tapered cut diamonds, a wide selection of which are available though the Avi Paz Group’s online inventory, are usually channel set to enhance their look, and have a simple, classic appeal.

Radiant Cut

RadiantInvented by diamantaire Henry Grossbard in 1977, the radiant cut diamond offers a beautiful combination of the classic emerald cut and the sparkle of the round brilliant. The radiant cut is similar to the princess cut but usually has a more rectangular outline and blocked corners, like those of an emerald cut.

The radiant cut is both elegant and dramatic, making it one of the most popular cuts. While some radiant cut diamonds feature 70 facets – 25 on the crown, 8 on the girdle and 37 on the pavilion – the most common radiant cut facet pattern has 62 facets: 25 on crown, 8 on the girdle, and 29 on the pavilion.

Square Emerald Cut

The square emerald cut, sometimes referred to as the “Asscher Cut” (after its developer, Dutch diamond cutter Joseph Asscher), is a square cut diamond that exhibits an enchanting pattern of concentric squares when viewed from the top..

The square emerald cut has sharp, dramatic, cut corners and a pavilion that is cut with rectangular facets to highlight the clarity of the diamond.