Real is Rare Campaign

“Real is Rare” Campaign Sells Diamonds Through Millennial Relationships
Real is Rare campaign (Source: Youtube)

“Real is Rare” Campaign Sells Diamonds Through Millennial Relationships

Last June, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) launched a far-reaching media campaign in the US. Called “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond”. The campaign, headlined by the 2-minute film Runaways, focuses on Millennials, and for the first time in decades –separates the giving of diamonds from institutions such as marriage. Instead, it promotes diamonds as real as the relationships that cherish them.

In “Runaways”, a male voiceover talks over fragmented clips showcasing the passionate love he shares with his girlfriend. The couple is shown in the wild, at home, and mostly in bed. The word marriage does not appear anywhere – neither in the voiceover nor in the tagline. Earlier this week, the “Real is Rare” campaign reached the Oscars, as the DPA bought a 15-second spot featuring “Runaways” on ABC’s big night.

The campaign is the result of in-depth research into its target millennial consumers conducted by the Mother ad agency from New York. According to CMO Deborah Marquardt at the DPA, quoted in a recent article on MediaPost, “the story is a cinematic, alternative fairy tale that celebrates love, passion and connection – and sees life together as an adventure”. According to Marquardt, the Academy Award as gave the DPA “the perfect opportunity to start a new diamond narrative with consumers around the moments and relationships in our lives that are authentic, precious and increasingly rare”.

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