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New campaign seeks to make stories behind diamonds shine

New campaign seeks to make stories behind diamonds shine

The World Diamond Mark Foundation has launched a new campaign delving into the human stories behind diamonds.

Titled “Part of You,” the campaign features images of people from different walks of life, such as a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf, a young Indian girl, and a bearded bagpipe player, all sporting diamond jewelry. The website launched as part of the campaign features diamond-related stories about celebrities, designers and other famous individuals.

"Part of You" Diamond Campaign (Source: WDM Website)

“Part of You” Diamond Campaign (Source: WDM Website)

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses launched the WDM in 2012 with the aim of promoting diamonds to the general public.

WDM program director Krisztina Kalman-Schueler told diamonds.net that the “Part of You” campaign was “the first highly visible step the diamond industry is taking with diamond promotion in the public realm, [setting] the tone for the midstream industry’s active involvement in promoting and marketing diamonds to the end-consumer.”

According to Kalman-Schueler, “No retailer will sell a diamond by just talking about the four C’s. Diamonds need stories customers can get excited about.”

The WDM effort joins similar campaigns seeking to foster a personal, emotional link to the precious stones, especially as the truest symbols of a deep emotional commitment between a couple, such as the Diamond Producers Association’s “Real is Rare” campaign and, of course, De Beers’ iconic “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, celebrated to this day as the slogan that changed the diamond industry’s marketing strategy.

De Beers’ revolutionary approach to diamonds and diamond jewelry had cemented the link between eternal romance and diamonds. The iconic slogan soon weaved itself into popular culture, inspiring books, films and songs, essentially becoming the most successful and longest running campaign in the diamond industry’s history.


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